Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer's end

Summer rolled to chilly end yesterday, and here we are still clinging to August.
We headed down to Riley Park in Calgary's delightful Kensington neighborhood. Although not brazing hot, a cursory glance out my dining room window confirmed the sun was shining, and metaphorically, the birds were singing. Packing a picnic, the day seems ideal to celebrate our last sojourn to Riley Park's glorious cemented shallow pool.

Still adapting to the seasons here in Calgary, the idea that summer ends with the close of August seems so unbelievable. Just last weekend, I sat on the park's grass watching my four-year-old daughter splash, squeal, and soak in the sun. Under the wide-leafed shade of a maple tree, sweat trickled down my spine, and my hair flattened under the weight of sheer perspiration.

Although I reasoned that chlorinated joy of this brief summer season would end with the city's pools closing effective September 7th, I just assumed August 30th would be a guarantee-sweltering summer day.

Of course, guarantees are fragile in nature, and nature rarely accommodates picnic-related, pool plans.
Yes, the sun shone bright; however, on that chlorinated-breeze was the first lingering chill of fall. The mind whisper foreshadowing the impending winter wasn't enough to detour my fearlessly stubborn, red-headed daughter from donning a swimsuit and jumping into the pool. Rather the breeze was cold enough to draw a blue tint to her lips. Girl versus nature, she sat in that shallow pool clinging to her blue, hippo floaty for almost an hour. Perhaps she was willing summer's return or more likely fighting a seasonal return of the layers upon layers of clothes required to leave the house. Under shirt, thermals, shirt, sweater, wool coat, pants, pants, and pants--wearing one's wardrobe does become tiresome.

When I realized, my daughter wasn't giving up I realized to intervene. "Come on, we should go. You have school in the morning."

Basking in rich sunrays with a warm breeze against your cheek may make summertime memorial but starting kindergarten seems like a nice consolation prize for fall's return.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Spring is here part 2

As I have mentioned more than once, spring has sprung here in glorious Calgary. We have yet to experience summer as I recognize it. But alas, I'm tickled with the lush green that my snowy home has bloomed in to.

So I introduce further evidence of the green wonder that is my new city, and I hope my mother is paying attention. She seems to think that all of Canada looks like some Arctic circle/Baffin Island/Nunavut postcard image.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Rain

The snow has finally stopped randomly visiting us here in Calgary, AB. In its place--surprise--we are getting random windy rain blasts. Five minutes of solid, howling rain. Then it stops! Without mountains to corral the clouds, they roam free to spray much needed moisture.
Below are some pics:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sky against the prairie

On Tuesday after the last snow flurry for the day, we went for a drive. Heading east along the Transcanada highway, we went as far as Milo, Alberta. The landscape gradually shifted from rolling to flat as we traveled through ranchland for as far as the eye could see. While we almost made the halfway point to Medicine Hat, Ab, I look forward to our next roadtrip making it all the way to "the Hat" as the smaller city is fondly referred to here.
Below are some picture, I snapped along way:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring in the City

Spring is here! Camera in hand, Libby and I ventured out, capturing some pictures as we went.
To celebrate the warm weather, we discovered a new park. Rotary Park located at the corner of Centre St. & 7th Ave NW.

Not only does the park have a delightful play area but also a great view of the city. Below are some fun shoots.

I took this photo while walking over the Centre bridge, which crosses the Bow River.

While the Bow River is vast and deep, and guess what, the river froze over. Only last week did the River really reappear.

Here is an up close look at the iceburg.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The trespass of time

Akin to any plant, and a product of mother earth in my own right, I took the Calgary in a slowed, almost dormant stride. Under the inches of long standing snow, my steps slow and the nights grow. Unlike my native rainy Oregon home, winter in Calgary is a roller coaster adventure slides in temperature from extreme cold to almost warm. Adjusting to the weather was like trying to touch a cloud. White and fluffy against the wide open blue Alberta sky, clouds look like castles in reached, waiting to be climbed, just off the horizon. Then the wind, unfetter, unabridged rolls off the Rocky Mountains and the castles crumble. Consider this blog, a written ode to me emerging from my cave.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas lights

True to the season in this winter wonderland. Across from city hall trimmed with lights, the Olympic Plaza glows with holiday cheer. The city lights as a backdrop only enhance the festive feel. So far Calgary has been the best place to spend Christmas.
Happy holidays to all!